So I decided to use a few of my vacation days since, if you don't use them before the end of the year, they magically disappear. Not happy that the unused days don't roll over to the next year but that's another story for another time!

Do you check your emails when you're taking some time off from work? Well, I will scroll through a time or two just to see if there is anything important. You definitely don't want to miss like these-

Needless to say, I deleted these. In fact, for the most part, I can go through those 774 emails and clean out the Inbox folder in a matter of minutes. It's amazing how much crap get.

Now as I look at all of these emails in the Inbox file, I switch over to my Spam folder and look quickly to see if anything "important" has slipped into this folder.

As I quickly run down the list of items in this folder I skip by most items. Some include tantalizing deals Like:

Introducing The First Ultra-Bright Solar Floodlight You Can Put Anywhere

Learn More about Home Warranty Plans

Calling ALL Patriots: Get your Concealed Carry Certification in the US

Yeah, well that didn't take long to empty that pile of...stuff!

Now it's back to more important things like what am I going to write next time to keep you entertained!

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