If you've ever bought a knock-off sports jersey or an "Almost-As-Good-As" designer bag, you wonder who is profiting off these items. The answer may surprise you.

According to a story from fox4kc.com,  the U.S. Customs and Border Protection made a seizure of counterfeit products that caused much surprise as it entered the U.S. through KC.

Agents found dozens of knock-off Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs jerseys, phony Luis Vuitton handbags, needle kits and, fake Botox kits.

A lot of times organized crime is behind the efforts of making and distributing counterfeit merchandise. The items are flooded into an area and the only thing the criminals are  wanting is the money from these products.

The story goes on to say a counterfeit sweep was conducted from Feb. 15 to March 15. During this 28-day span federal offices conducted the sweep coined "Operation Stop The Flow.

Inspections at Kansas City International Airport and area additional cargo facilities, like DHL and Fed Ex, is where 952 shipments of air cargo were searched. China, Hong Kong, and other locations in southeast Asia. were the initial points of distribution.

The story from fox4kc.com goes on to say the officers made 25 seizures including the following:

  • 469 counterfeit NFL jerseys
  • 163 knock-off designer women’s handbags
  • Electronics
  • Needle kits
  • Botox

So not only was clothing, handbags, and electronics a part of the capture but also Botox and the needle kits required to inject the Botox. Who knows the ingredients of the Botox, and what ill-effects a person might have had after injecting it.

A reminder If you believe you’ve purchased counterfeit merchandise, call 1-800-BE ALERT.

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