As you probably have figured from listening to our particular brand of crazy, it takes a specific personality to get into radio. A Weirdo Personality.  And it's not just on the air, either. Sure, we may be the ones you interact with most, but believe you me, the others behind the scenes are just as... "different". There's a few varieties of departments here in our neck of the woods: Traffic, Sales, On Air, Digital, and Engineering. Today, I'm going to focus on the latter.

I've been here at stations for about twelve years or so. I've seen my fair share of engineers - our regular techs, and some guys who have come and gone to help them out. To keep it as simple as possible, our engineer basically fixes stuff when it stops working. Big, complicated, electrical stuff. And each engineer that I've seen around here has had their own............unique way of communicating. Here are five real things that our engineers have said, not just in general, but to me:

1.  These balls are stale!!*

2.  Sometimes, I think I'd make a good woman.**

3.  You have to wack it, not jiggle it.**

4.  <Insert long, creative, chain of expletives here>

5.  Do any of you people have any idea what you're doing?!***

And here's a bonus one, just for fun:

"You should dress up as Magenta from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I wouldn't make a good Riff Raff, though."**

Yes, they may be a little awkward. Yes, they may not be the most smooth characters, socially. Okay, so they probably have on a dirty shirt or the same hat they've worn for the last thirty years. But, they're very smart, very talented, and they keep us on the air.

Awkwardly yours,

*In his defense, he was referring to the cakes with marshmallow frosting and coconut flakes.

**I have no idea, whatsoever.

***We did not then, nor do we now.