When you're a blogger type person, you have to be very careful about what pictures you use.There are literally people who surf the internet to try to find a photo that you've used that you didn't give someone credit for, and then they try to sue you.  It may have been an innocent mistake, but it's still really important.  And I get it, your hard work should be credited.  I totally get it.  So to make absolutely sure I'm not using something without permission, I use the stock pictures that our company has permission to use.  Basically it's someone's job to try to imagine what people will write about, and to have photos of that thing available.  And most of the time, they're pretty useful.  Then, there are these.


What kind of blog needs Rudolph at the DJ table?  In what scenario would I write about reindeer who spin records?

Portrait of the young woman
Boris Zatserkovnyy

I may get where this one is going, but it's disturbing.  I guess it's supposed to represent being mentally torn or having a headache, but dang.  Stay away from photoshop please.  You're in time out.


"What if someone needs to write about poking your eye out so you can lick it with your tongue?"


I don't know about you, but I'm always chasing zebras away from my house.

Vet taking temperature of a puppy

OH COME ON. If someone was going to write a blog about taking a pet to the vet, you'd use a different photo than this, surely.  Maybe a photo of just the dog, or a photo of the vet or... something, anything other than this!

What do you think these pictures could be used for? Got any captions?

Photographically yours,

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