It's so strange to see our neighbor building here in Sedville empty. For as long as I can remember, it was the John Deere dealership.  And now, they've upgraded and gone down the road. *A Single Tear Falls*  But now what?  What's next for our little neck of the woods? Some people say it could be a small car dealership, some people say Target (because they always do, you know what we're like), some people say a new restaurant, etc etc.

Well, I'll tell you for free that I know what I DON'T want to go there.  Not that I have any say in it, obviously.  Not in any particular order, here we go.

1.  Another Dollar Store.

Please, Dollar Store. I love you. Don't get me wrong.  You're great, your people are sweet, I like your cheap Jalapeno Popper chips even though I shouldn't be eating them (sodium).  But we don't need another one, particularly when there's one like, half a block away.  It doesn't seem likely that they'd put one there, but... I don't put anything past the Dollar Store.  I swear, those things pop up out of NOWHERE.  Sneaky.


2.  A Pet Store.

No.  Nope.  I'm only saying this because I am trying to protect the precious little spare income my co-workers and I have in this world. I think just about everybody that works here, with maybe one or two exceptions, has pets.  If there was a pet store of some kind right next to my work, you know we'd be over there every day petting the cute little kittens and buying "just one more bag" of treats for our dog/cat.


3.  Checker's.

No real reason.  Husbando and I went to one on a road trip once.  I just didn't like it. Besides, do we really need that much grease right next door to us?  We have enough plumbing issues in this building as it is.


4.  An Evil Villain Murder School.

I had a dream the other day that involved a school to learn how to be a murderer.  It was pretty intense. I guess it was influenced by some kind of training montage in a movie or TV show I saw.  In my dream, though, my neighbor moved out, and the Murder School moved in next door.  They even had a special sign made that said "Murder School:  Learn How To Murder".   I don't know why they chose Kathy's house, but they did, and I was so mad about it in the dream.  Like, I was trying to find code violations to get them shut down mad.

Aaaaanyway, what don't you want to see go in there?

Constructingly yours,