It's almost that time. The busiest shopping day of the year. The day where shoppers bundle up and stand outside in lines at ungodly hours in order to save a little extra - or sometimes A LOT extra - on their Christmas shopping. Black Friday in 2017 falls on November 24. Several Black Friday Ads from the nation's top retailers are available online.

WalletHub has a very useful Black Friday tool that allows shoppers to look at ads from retailers like Walmart, Kohl's, Big Lots and JC Penney. You just click the logo for the store that you're interested in will appear. Sometimes the ad is several pages long, more like a catalog, actually. Remember those?

Holiday spending is expected to be up this year, so maybe it's a good idea to take advantage of any savings that you can. Just don't push anyone, take anything from another shopper's cart, or get into a fight. I've actually witnessed all three of those things while Black Friday shopping. I also once saw someone unsuccessfully try to jump over a fenced off area in order to cut ahead of the line. Don't do that, either.

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