Last Saturday (Jan. 19), Guns Across America held a rally at the north side of the capitol building in Jefferson City, and hundreds of Missourians attended to show their concern for their 2nd Amendment rights being infringed upon.  Rallies like this one were held across the country at state capitols around our great nation.

The issue is these uneducated, knee-jerking, anti-gun and anti-hunting idiots that want to push an agenda that has been in their sights way before the Sandy Hook massacre.  They've only shown the uniformed citizens who are neither for or against gun control the information they want.  It's even caused tension between fellow Americans.  By using words like "automatic weapons" and "assault rifles," it sounds to the uniformed like we are owning the same weapons our military uses in combat, which is not the case.

A bad person that has bad intentions will cause havoc with a car, a knife, fertilizer, airplanes, and yes, guns.  In my view, these places where Americans have been attacked have something in common: the attackers knew there would be no weapons for people to protect themselves.  The theater in Colorado, schools, malls, etc.  Do you ever see a gunman storm a police department, a gun shop or an armory?  I don't think so.  It's because these attackers prey on the weak and our cowardly and nuts.

Also, there's a lady who wants to have children tell schools which parents own guns and which don't.  That's nuts.  It's one more way people are involving children to push their agenda.  Yes, I own a gun.  Not everybody needs to know that, and they don't need to know how many either.  As a responsible parent and gun owner, my own children (all over the age of 20) don't even know how many guns I own, or even the combination of my gun safe.  Yes, a gun safe, my guns are not in the closet or lying on a coffee table.

It was important for our founding fathers to put the 2nd Amendment in place, and to not let some yahoos in Congress (that are protected by people with guns) tell me that I can't protect my country and my freedom.  An unarmed citizen is a victim.

Alright, I'm off of the soap box for now.  We lost a baseball icon last week.  Stan "The Man" Musial passed away last Saturday at the age of 92.  He's now moved on to the REALLY big leagues, and you can bet that he's playing as a starter.  Thanks to Stan for the love of the game and the lives he changed along his journey.

The Ice Breaker Classic 3D Shoot is this Saturday and Sunday at Twin Lakes in Cole Camp, with lots of door prizes and special awards.  The following week, we'll have the 2013 Cabin Fever Sports Show, with lots of new and exciting vendors and the 3D pop up archery shoot.  You must bring your own bow and at least five arrows if you want to compete.  We'll have money classes and men's, women's and youth trophy classes.  All kids 12 and under can shoot for free.

Next week, Marshall Teague will call in for the show.  Until then, seeya!