I was hired to DJ a wedding that was to be held outdoors.  My job was to provide sound for the ceremony then DJ the reception  in the giant tents that were set up.  That means I was there for the entire wedding.

The theme for this one was obviously country.  It was VERY well done.  The seating was hay bales, all placed in perfect rows.  The backdrop to the couple was two John Deere tractors with their buckets meeting over three large bales of hay.  The bridesmaids were all in dresses that they can easily wear again and the groomsmen were in jeans and plaid long-sleeve shirts.  ALL were in boots.  They managed to find the perfect balance of having a country wedding without it being a redneck wedding.

When I posted the picture above, some of my "city" friends didn't quite get it.  One friend of mine
said, "Wow, I thought I DJ'd some crazy weddings."  Another said, "Are they filming an episode of  'My Redneck Wedding' for VH1?"  That led to the discussion of interesting weddings we've attended.  One mentioned a wedding that served goldfish crackers and she felt that was a little trashy.

The one I worked was both unusual and fantastically done.  How about you?  What's the most unusual wedding you've ever attended?