There's one thing most of us can agree on.  Ice cream on a hot day is fantastic! And evidently, I'm in the norm for a change.

Baskin-Robbins did a survey on how Americans eat our ice cream.  70% prefer it from a bowl or cup vs a cone.  I'm with the majority.  I like toppings on my ice cream.  Vanilla with hot fudge, whipped cream and crushed nuts is a favorite, but the possibilities are endless.  Fruit, flavored syrups, and whipped toppings of various variety are all in the running.  With a cone, you are limited to pretty much dipped or sprinkles. (YAWN) BORING!

60% of people prefer hard ice cream to soft.  I'm with them on this one too.  I like the texture of hand dipped vs machine dispensed.  There's something about soft ice cream that feels like I'm eating a shake with a spoon.

Lastly came the question of food.  Which is best?  Cake is the number one answer at 28%.  Brownies were close at 27%.  They failed to mention my favorite though.  PIE!  Warm peach or apple cinnamon is best.  Warm cherry is in the running too.

Of course, I'd like your thoughts on this as well.  Please comment below.

OH!  And with all the ice cream/custard places  in Sedalia and surrounding area, what's your favorite place to go get brain freeze?