Six Stupid Tricks to Stay Cool in the Heat Advisory
We here in Sedalia and Pettis County are in a heat advisory until this evening.  That means that it's going to be extremely hot and humid all day, and you need to be careful to stay as cool as possible. The temperature keeps climbing and making us all miserable. So here are six weird trick…
It’s Summer: Don’t Leave Your Dog in the Car
I was out running errands around town yesterday evening and parked next to a vehicle with a dog inside of it. Naturally, I felt bad for the dog and realized this is an unfortunate trend during the summer.
Plain and simple: the weather is becoming too hot for a dog to stay inside of your car while you…
We All Scream for Ice Cream!!
There's one thing most of us can agree on.  Ice cream on a hot day is fantastic! And evidently, I'm in the norm for a change.
Baskin-Robbins did a survey on how Americans eat our ice cream.  70% prefer it from a bowl or cup vs a cone.  I'm with the majority...

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