The little caboose on South 65 has been the Sedalia Visitors Center for a few years now.  Most of us drive by it every day without giving it much thought.  I know I did! Well, it turns out that the Visitor's Center is now at The Sedalia Katy Depot, another great Sedalia icon.  I remember when you weren't supposed to go to the Depot, because it was still closed and boarded up. Now it's a beautiful tribute to Sedalia's past, present, and future.  Now that the Visitor's Center has moved, the little caboose is unfortunately in need of a new vocation.   So the folks at the Katy Depot are working with the Sedalia Heritage Foundation to bring the caboose over to the Katy Depot, where it can be cleaned up and made available as another great attraction at the Depot.  I got to talk with Debbie Bearman about the caboose and how you can help bring it home.

An estimated $10,000 is needed to relocate and rehab the caboose for reuse. Various sponsorship levels are eligible as a charitable donation. They'll also have souvenir commemorative merchandise for sale that will support ongoing operating and maintenance costs. Find out more by going to the Katy Depot Website, emailing, calling 660-826-2932 or by stopping at the Katy Depot, 600 East Third street.

Caboosily yours,