Kids, this weekend has some events coming up that will be close to your heart!

Or, I should say, at least to my heart.  I was a kid who was a total nerd.  I admit it.  I know that sometimes that can be hard to picture, but, yes.  Nerdery lived with me as a child, and if I'm honest, it still hasn't moved out.  So when I was a kid, I was a kid who hung out at the library.  I was at the Sedalia Public Library so much that I'd get kinda annoyed about the checkout limit.  My grandparents lived in rural Smithton, and I'd use their address to apply for Boonslick card, too (I know that's kinda wrong, but... I was there almost every weekend, so it's just a white lie, right?).  I remember being at the Boonslick library back when it was next to the Baptist Church, so that shows you how far back it goes.  I remember being very impressed by the new location on Third, and was amazed at how much quicker it was to walk there and get my books.

As a kid in high school, my geek friends and I would hang out in the library lounge and talk and whatnot, and sometimes we'd just sit on the steps.  This was a convenient place to hang out too, since they normally didn't send you off running as long as you were quiet, and a few of our friends went to Sacred Heart, so it was an easy place to meet.  We were rebels, as you can tell.  Rebels with... books?

So if there's anything I can do to encourage kids to do that same thing, and to encourage anyone anywhere to support a Library, I will more than happily do it.  So when I found out about a thing the Trails Library in Knob Noster is doing, I thought, "Yes. This is a blog post."

The Trails Regional Library of Knob Noster is having its second annual Heart of Knob Noster event. This year they will host 27 craft vendors, prize drawings, carnival games for the kids and lunch of soup, chili, hot dogs and desserts.  So why not bring out the family, enjoy some crafty stuff, and know you're helping the library?  Go for it!  Get your kids knee deep in books as soon as humanly possible and as often as humanly possible.

Heartily yours,