Anytime I go out, whether it's to get my haircut, call a sports game or to grab something to eat, people will often say things like,"You guys have too much fun at work," or "You all are crazy." Most of you associate radio with only what is heard on air. I want to take you behind the scenes of things you don't hear on air that happen in our building.

Everyday is actually quite eventful inside of our building here at 2209 S. Limit in Sedalia. I will start capturing short videos for you to enjoy and get a feel of what an average day is like.

Today we start with Mike the Engineer. He basically fixes anything technical that goes wrong in the building. Calling him a bit odd would be an understatement. Here he is working on some of our fancy new equipment.


Here is Joe Fluty from Edward Jones Investments. Joe is recording a commercial that will air during our next Smith-Cotton basketball game.


A group of kids came in to take a tour of our building. After seeing the studios and meeting the dj's, the group made their way back to the sales staff where Doug told them about the wide world of selling advertisements.


We'll bring you more sneak peeks of our station in the near future.  What would you like to see that you don't usually hear about on the air?