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Our Listeners Tell Us What Celebrity They Want to Smack
Last week we talked about who our favorite celebrities are. So this week we talked about who our LEAST favorite celebrities are. Who's the celebrity you want meet... so you can smack them right in the face. I posted the question on my Facebook Page, and always, got some good responses.
Give Us Your Cheesiest Pick Up Line
Today I found a list of reasons why men are afraid to approach women; they're too pretty, don't know what to say, their friends are around, stupid stuff like that. Come on guys, all you need is a cheesy pick-up line!
Now don't go in there actually believing in your line though, you hav…
Topic of the Day: Who’s Your Favorite Super Hero? [SURVEY]
My friend BJ and I are huge comic book geeks. We were talking about super heroes at the gym the other day, and I mentioned how Spider-Man is my all time favorite character. He surprised by saying, "Spider-Man sucks! I hate Spider-Man!" I couldn't believe it. How can you NOT like Spider-Man…
Topic of the Day: What Movie Makes You Cry?
So Tom Hanks recently said in an interview that the scene in 'Forrest Gump' where Lt. Dan shows Forrest his new legs made him cry when he saw it. So, today's Topic of The Day on Roll Out of Bed with Rob: What part of what movie makes YOU cry? Or at least a little misty eyed? And don&a…