My friend BJ and I are huge comic book geeks. We were talking about super heroes at the gym the other day, and I mentioned how Spider-Man is my all time favorite character. He surprised by saying, "Spider-Man sucks! I hate Spider-Man!" I couldn't believe it. How can you NOT like Spider-Man?!?! He likes The Punisher and Wolverine instead. Well, he was in studio, and we had a nice little debate about our favorite super heroes, which you can listen to below.

So that was our Topic of the Day: Who is YOUR favorite super hero, and why? As always, I posted it on my Facebook page and got some pretty good responses.

Alright, so somebody agrees with BJ. One point to Team Perkins.

Alright, John! Way to be cool. And Samantha was referring to me, knowing how much I love Spider-Man. I have the soul of a 10-year-old.

That is pretty cool, Raven! And way to be confident in yourself! And correcting your typo. Like a BOSS!

Ah yes, the Hulk. Role model for people with anger issues everywhere.

So who's YOUR favorite super hero, and why? Let me know in the comments below!