Today I found a list of reasons why men are afraid to approach women; they're too pretty, don't know what to say, their friends are around, stupid stuff like that. Come on guys, all you need is a cheesy pick-up line!

Now don't go in there actually believing in your line though, you have to use it as a big joke. For today's Topic of the Day on my Facebook Page, I asked what are your best pick up lines? And of course by "best" I meant "terrible and cheesy."

These take a physical commitment. Bold and risky, but the payoff could be gold.

This is possibly the corniest thing I've ever read in my entire life. I like it!

Commercial slogan reference. Very smooth. You get bonus points if you can work in something like that.

I don't care who you are, that's just funny.

What's the best pick up line you know? Let me know in the comments below!