Often in this time of year, we can get so excited about going outdoors that we forget that the weather isn't always going to cooperate with us!  Sometimes the appeal of the outdoors is a little more than the actual reality.  When you do go out and it's a little damper or chillier than you'd thought, the best thing to do when you go home is..................?  Is it a nice warm cup of tea?  Is it a warm broth?  Is it a grilled cheese sandwhich and a tomato soup? Is it a cuddle with the family pet under a blanket?

One thing that we always did in our extended family was enjoy some ham and beans.... especially around this time of year, because you always had extra ham left over from Easter.   Well, if you're feeling a little charitable, and/or maybe a little too lazy to make it yourself, why don't you try this.  Head on over to the Georgetown Community Club on Saturday between 4 to 7.  They're going to have ham and beans, hot dogs and pie with a drink.  The meal is $4 for adults, and $2 for kids under 12.   For the pickier kid's pallet, they'll also have hot dogs for $1.

In Ham and Beans we trust,