My first blog on the new site!  I'm very excited.

While Sunday may seem like a long time ago, in the web world anyway, I had the opportunity to see Miranda Lambert, Chris Young and Jerrod Niemann in Columbia, MO.  We arrived about an hour before the show and stood in line.  As the ticket checker (they stopped taking them some time ago) scanned our tickets, he informed us that they re-assigned our seats and we had to go stand in line at the "will call" window.  There were grumblings from the crowd that stood waiting to see what was going on.  As it turns out, the MIZZOU Arena upgraded our seats.  Nobody in the arena had "nose bleed" seats.  Then, out comes Jerrod Niemann.

Admittedly, Jerrod wasn't at his best for this show.  I'm not the only one that said so.  However, I still give his performance an A+.  I was on the phone with my good friend that also happens to play guitar for Jerrod at 11:30 that morning.  He informed me that he had strep throat and Jerrod had a high fever.  Yet Jerrod still got out there and performed.  If you asked me, he did VERY well.  Maybe not as much energy and I counted one foul note.  But I've seen him a bunch of times.  Most people probably didn't notice.

Next up came Chris Young.  I had one person ask me why Jerrod was opening for Chris. The answer came with Chris' performance of hit after hit.  He put on a high energy show that really warmed up the crowd well for Miranda Lambert.  If I had one criticism,  it would be in the "flow of show".  I found it a bit jerky with the stage going dark between every song.  Other than that, it was a fantastic performance.  On to the headliner!

I've seen Miranda Lambert a few times over the years.  First opening for Toby Keith, then headlining the "Beauties with a Beat" show with Ashton Shepherd and Candy Coburn.   Watching her progress as a performer has been amazing.  She puts on a high energy show and looks completely at home on the stage.  Few performers can actually make it seem like they are talking only to you when you're in a stadium full of people, but she did.  Miranda has come a long way as a song writer as well as a performer.  I cannot wait to see what she does in the future.

All in all, a great show!  If you had the opportunity to go and you didn't, I'd suggest trying to catch all of these artists the next time you can.  You missed out!