The passing of a legend

By: Doug Sokolowski  |  0 seconds ago

So I’m finally able to post a blog and thought what will be my grand first entry, should it be profound, should it be funny, or should it be full of the Dougisms you’ve come to expect.   As I finally sat down to put some thoughts on paper,  a newscast comes on and my facebook was full of RIP Dick Clark.   In the world of entertainment,  many hosts come and go, but there will be only one Dick Clark.   While I did not have the luxury of growing up with him on tv from his early years,  his legacy certainly is with me and many of you.   He introduced or promoted acts all through the years from the 1950s to today.   While American Bandstand came to end in the late 80s,  I will probably more remember watching him with Ed McMahon for TV Bloopers & Practical Jokes or holding my breath to see if anyone can conquer the $25,000 pyramid.  Perhaps through it all, what I’ll most remember Dick Clark for was rocking in the New Year’s Eve even after having his stroke.    Others have shared the spotlight for that occasion, but in the end it was always Dick Clark who would be shown just before the ball dropped and right after,  we counted down with him.  I am thankful that this last year, we were able to watch him as a family in the Central Time Zone at 11pm and then my son wanted to stay up and watch it again.   The man considered to be the oldest teen certainly lived by a great motto of enjoying life and we thank him for introducing us to all kinds of music and entertainment, whether it be American Bandstand or even American Idol.   I’m sure many will comment, but I hope you take time to reflect and pause for this legend,  thanks for all you did and Rest in Peace Dick Clark!