Yesterday (Jan. 11) was the annual No Pants Subway Ride Day, which has spread to dozens of countries around the world.  The event came together 13 years ago by a group named Improv Everywhere in New York City. The group put this day together to "celebrate peoples’ curiosity and to spread laughter." I think we should set a date and do something like this in Sedalia.

I'm all for having a good time and making a complete fool of myself. Unfortunately, we don't have subways to ride here in Sedalia. We would need to set a certain date to do this or maybe a big event that happens in Sedalia on an annual basis. One possibility could be the Oats buses, they do have those amazing KIX 105 and KSIS Radio logos on the side.

We could organize this like a flash mob and could all show up the first Friday of the Missouri State Fair without pants. If worse comes to worse, we can just meet downtown and take our pants off for an hour.

Would you participate in a No Pants Day in Sedalia? Look how much fun we could have.