Kids, it's getting to be that time again.  If you've got a teenager around in your life, you're probably hearing about the prom.  It's a couple of months away now, but of course you've got to do the preparation.

So, the big question is, where can you go to get the dress?  Where SHOULD you go?  I'll put a few options out here, and then you guys can let me know what you think in our survey.

Now admittedly, I only went to one prom.  I went to my Junior year prom at SCHS, and I was asked to go two weeks before the actual event.  I was certain I wasn't going to go,  and that I'd never find a dress if I did, but it turned out kind of okay.  I remember we were on a budget but my Mom and I got it done.

The first name that came up when I Googled "Prom Dress Sedalia" was Formal Affairs. They're at 2012 Main street. You can call them at 660-826-3646 or contact them on their website.

Next you might try the following stores:

  • Locketts at 1400 S Limit Ave. Ste. 16, (660) 826-3131
  • The Fig Leaf at 1400 S Limit Ave, (660) 826-3131
  • Kay's Bridal at 218 South Ohio Avenue, 660-827-5297.
  • If you want to make a drive, you might even go down to Evenings Only at 205 Cedar Ln. in Lincoln.

Those are the local places I know of, but then you could probably go and look around some of the chain places too, like Maurices, Stage, JC Penney, Kmart, and all around.

Let me know where you go to get yours in our survey!

Formally yours,