This week on our Enquiring Minds surveys, I've been asking you guys stuff about everything from music to food to traffic.  Here's a look at some of my favorite answers you gave.On Monday, I asked ya'll about music - namely misheard lyrics. I know I've had a few here and there over the years, and I've been corrected all too well. I remember when I was a kid, I thought the song "Panama" by Van Halen was not saying "Panama" but "Cannonball". So, yeah, I was wrong.  I asked what song lyrics you've gotten wrong over the years.  You guys definitely had some very funny answers.

"Blinded by the Light wrapped up like a DEUCE"... not wrapped up like a douche.

Aaah, yes, the classic. I think just about everybody has thought that was the lyric at some point. Although I really have no idea why someone would hold up a feminine hygeine product... when you're standing in light? Actually, there isn't a lot about it that makes any sense.

This will probably sound silly. There's a line in Craig Morgan's song "International Harvester" that goes "Fallin' on deaf ears of corn." When I first heard it, I thought he had said "Falling on da fears of corn." Good thing we have the Internet to post the correct lyrics for us. LOL.

The fears of corn, huh. I guess maybe that could be something like the Children of the Corn? Maybe the corn really does have feelings. I know it has feelings of deliciousness.

On Tuesday, I asked you guys what you like to snack on when you're vegging out on the couch, watchin a little TV. I have found myself recently plowing through the pistachios for some reason while watching every History Channel show ever. You guys had the typical answers like popcorn, chips, nuts, Chex Mix. I had a caller, though, who had the WORST snack ever.

I like to put Nutella spread on celery.

NO, THANK YOU. There's just something wrong about that! I haven't tried it, so I guess I shouldn't knock it, but still.

On Wednesday, I talked about the upcoming Mother's Day holiday. Everybody loves their mom, and it can be hard to come up with a good gift every year. Often, mom doesn't even want a fancy, expensive gift, she wants something that has meaning. So I thought I'd ask you guys what the best gift you ever gave your mom for Mother's Day was. Or, if you are a mom, you could tell me the best gift you've gotten.

The best was honestly just the time given:) The best given outside of that was anything to do with the flower gardens going in that time of year! We are all so busy this time of year it is hard for everyone to stop once again to celebrate another man made holiday. Honestly folks, If you do not tell your mom you love her but once a year and show it, then you are just not doing something right, sorry, but true............. My kids let me know all the time how much they love and appreciate me, that needs no recognition once a year!!!

She's got that one right. You gotta be sure to give mom her props.  I was talking with Doug about what he's done for Mother's Day, and he thought he hadn't done anything great. Well, he was definitely wrong - according to his wife Diana.

My husband gave me a necklace with our kids birthstones, his birthstone, and mine in it. I know he had to save up for it since he gave it to me right after our daughter was born and we were not making a lot of money then. That's probably the one that stands out the most. An other one the I really enjoyed was that I got my hair cut and highlighted and he paid for it. The hairdresser never told me how much it was..just said that she was instructed to do whatever I wanted. That present was really great since I never spend money on myself.

And some of you just knew your mom well enough to know that sometimes, she just needs to rock.

My kids bought me tickets to Aerosmith at Sandstone , Verizon, whatever theater that is in Bonner Springs, Kansas, and went with me to see my favorite group!

And then, on Thursday, I asked you guys about the things that bug you when you're driving. Ya'll definitely had some strong opinions about this one! For me, I hate when people don't use that little turn signal and just go into your lane.  It's crazy time!

When the driver in front of me takes too long to pass the stop sign, complete a turn, etc. "Oh, come on! You have the right of way. For crying out loud, just go!"

That one is definitely up there. I also hate the thing where there's you and someone else waiting at a four way stop and you both do "the wave". You know, where somebody has the right of way, and you wave em on because they're just looking at you... it's just endless.

 Seeing an adult pick his nose. Hello, we can see you!

Oh, come on, people! That is just gross. I guess they think you're not gonna notice? Geezy creezy.

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