It’s rather common to hear about a country music singer’s aspirations to become a professional athlete — but it’s incredibly uncommon to hear about a singer perfecting their ‘midget bowling’ skills, which which was the pastime of choice for Zac Brown while at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota recently.

Though unorthodox, participants — including the pint-sized human bowling balls — claim the ‘midget bowling’ tournament was harmless and all in good fun. TMZ spoke with “Short Sleeve Sampson,” the little person at the center of the action, telling the paparazzi website that he was a willing participant in the tournament, and insisting that ‘The Wind’ singer didn’t do anything wrong.

According to Sampson, ‘midget bowling’ is a safer practice than ‘midget tossing,’ since the little people never go airborne. “It’s just a modified slip and slide,” the human bowling ball claims.

While we’re sure a few human activist groups will frown on the Zac Brown Band singer’s behavior, it seems as though the tournament was truly all in good fun. What do you think?

Watch Zac Brown Partake in ‘Midget Bowling’

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