My first memories of bowling were from going to the local bowling alley and watching my father bowl in his league.   It was an excuse for one day a week, to hang with friends, co-workers, drink beer, curse, and have a good time.  I have always been a competitive person, so anything sports related I tried to win.  I joined leagues as a kid, and as an adult.  Some were more for recreation, some had more financial stakes in it if you won.  Either way, it was a lot of fun, and a nice way to spend an evening.

I also have memories of watching it on television.  ABC I believe carried it.  The great Chris Schenkel and Nelson Burton Jr. did the play by play.  ESPN carries the games now, and it is still fun to watch, and see how bowling has had a resurgence in popularity.  Plus, you get characters and viral moments like this one from PBA Hall of Famer Pete Weber.

Sedalia does not have a bowling alley.  It did at one time.  Broadway Lanes was there beginning in 1958, and then sold to new owners who named it Shooters, which closed several years ago, but the sign is still there.  If you enjoy bowling in any capacity, perhaps a road trip to Jefferson City is in your future.

Strikers Bowling Alley is coming to the State Capital this February.  The family entertainment center being built in the former Capital Bowl building.  This place will offer several jobs for many in the area.  You can check out their Facebook page HERE.

They are located at 2017 Christy Drive.  Strikers is the best place in Jefferson City to have fun, relax and grab a drink with friends. Featuring bowling, HD golf, adult gaming and more. Full service restaurant and sports bar too.  I am looking forward to seeing how well this place does.  If it has some success, then perhaps we can reopen the bowling alley in Sedalia.  That way I won't have to drive an hour to join a league. Here is an inside look as to what the lanes will look like.  Look like a fun place to enjoy an evening.

May be an image of furniture and living room

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