What are your favorite places in the Show-Me State? What are some of the places you'd rather just avoid? Just like any state, there are some places that are really nice in Missouri, and others that are not so great. There are a couple of YouTube videos that attempt to list to top 10 cities, and the 10 worst cities, in Missouri.

According to The 10 Best Cities in Missouri video from HomeSnacks, most of the best cities in Missouri are on the eastern side of the state. Almost all of them are St. Louis suburbs. Factors analyzed to determine the stat's best cities included "low crime, great jobs, great weather, affordable housing and solid schools."

On the opposite side, YouTuber Nick Johnson, who specializes in "regional infotainment about where you live," has put together a list of The 10 Worst Cities in Missouri. St. Louis, the actual city, makes this list, which is a little more geographically diverse than the best cities list. To make determine the worst cities in Missouri, Johnson says that factors including crime, poverty, and spending on education were considered.

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