Here's something I wasn't expecting to find. Every once in a while I'll go through YouTube and just see what's on there. This morning I did a search for "State Fair Community College." Of course I found promotional videos for the school, basketball highlights, and...a bunch of students dissecting eyeballs? Gross. But also kind of cool.

Clearly dissecting a cow's eyeball is part of a class. I'm not sure which class. We didn't have that class in art school, although I did have one far-out teacher that tried to get permission for our class, which was focused on drawing human anatomy, to attend an autopsy. We did not get permission to attend an autopsy. I also once created an entire muscular system out of clay and applied it to a fake skeleton. So yeah, we had science in art school. Sort of. But no dissections of anything. And no autopsies.

There are a lot of cow eyeball videos from SFCC students on YouTube. We found some fetal pig dissections, too. Warning, do not watch if you are easily grossed out. On the other hand, these are actually pretty informative. Especially if you went to a college where they didn't have the class where you get to dissect a cow's eye.


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