Youth deer season starts this weekend, and it's going to be awesome.  The rut is starting and even though the weather is a little warmer than I like, it's my favorite time of year to hunt.

Being able to take someone on a hunt is a thrill like no other.  It's great to see a child take his or her first deer, catch their first fish or call their first turkey.  What's more important is knowing that I was a part of making that lifelong memory, and that's a tradition that needs to be stronger than ever at this time.

Be sure to stop by the DQ Grill n' Chill on Saturday, we'll be there with the kids and hopefully with their harvest from the hunt.  If you have your deer, bring it by because we would love to see it and get some photos for the website.

Don't forget that our Wounded Warrior hunt is on the second weekend of rifle season.  We'll also be meeting at DQ for lunch, so come by and show your support for our wounded warriors.

Here's our new Question of the Week.  Remember, be safe but hard, and watch for photos coming soon!