I just saw a very funny meme that made me chuckle. It was an election meme with the words Democratic Party, Republican Party, and cocktail party. Yes, the cocktail party box was checked and I couldn't agree more.

Yesterday I noticed that some Kansas City television stations were advertising on Facebook the times their last political advertisements would air. KMBC was saying the last political ad on their sister station would air at 8:54 AM, and KMBC would air their last ad at 12:43 PM. Over on the Fox 4 Facebook page, they were touting the airing of their last political spot at 4:58 PM.

I thought I might write about what it means when TV stations are touting the end of political advertising as a viewer benefit. I mean, did you know, political advertising is one of the most lucrative parts of owning a media outlet in an election year? Especially when elections are close and politicians with deep pockets are throwing their checkbooks around. So why bite the hand that feeds you?

Yet the more I wrote the more I realized you probably didn't want to read an article going off on how political ads don't really tell you anything and focus on the negative. I didn't really want to write it either. You probably wouldn't read it, and mostly, I would have written it because the bosses like me to write two things a day.

So forget it. The heck with politics. Whether you voted today or not may I suggest a cocktail? Perhaps a martini? Or maybe something more fun like Pina Colada. Beer's always good. I'd suggest a Captain and Coke made by my buddy Mike, but he's battling a cold and enjoying a cup of Nyquil, and going to bed. Party pooper.

It really doesn't matter if it's a real cocktail either. A Shirley Temple, a near beer, a shake of your favorite flavor, an icy cold soft drink. You could even get an ICEE. I'm good with whatever works for you. Except maybe the near beer. I've never gotten the whole no-alcohol beer thing. Just drink a Coke, right? Maybe it's me.

Anyway, join the cocktail party, because you can't go wrong with your favorite beverage.

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