Many of you know that The Charlie Brown Christmas is one of the most beloved Christmas specials of all time.  It actually won a Peabody and an Emmy award, and unfortunately if you didn't have Apple TV, or had it on DVD, or saved to your DVR, you were unable to watch it on television.  Well, why not see it live in person instead?

The Liberty Center in Sedalia is bringing the Christmas classic to the stage.  They open this Friday night.  It is being directed by Ruthie Hart and Nancy Case.  I got a chance to preview the show and I will share some photos of the show.

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How many of you know the history behind this show?  It first aired on television December 9th of 1965.  It was the first Charlie Brown animated special, and it still holds up today.  It was a bit of a gamble at the time for the network. How airing an animated children’s special at night would change its primetime philosophy of CBS.

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You can read a bit more about the history behind the scenes of this special HERE.  One thing I did know, is that it was Charles M. Schultz himself who pushed for the inclusion of the bible verse recited by Linus in the special.  That had never been seen on television before.

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One thing that always puts me in the Christmas spirit is listening to the soundtrack of this special.  The jazz music from Vince Guaraldi is just wonderful and it went on to sell over 5 million copies.  It never gets old.

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Make sure to secure your tickets to this stage production, and bring the kids, because they will be able to see Santa after the show and tell him what they want for Christmas.  Be prepared to sing along with the cast, and hopefully you will once again understand what Christmas is all about.  Just like Charlie Brown.  This is a nice production and will be worth your time.

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