When I was growing up, I tried my darndest to be the teacher's pet.  I wasn't trying to get any benefits or anything, I just loved school and wanted my teachers to like having me in their class.  And, if you were good, you got to be the kid to take the attendance roster to the office!
For me, I have quite a few, but I guess if I scale it back to the early ones, I had a kindergarten teacher named Mrs. Jackson at Heber Hunt. She was so smart and funny and just a total sweetheart.

I remember I had hurt my leg somehow and couldn't really walk that well (I think it was a bad sprain) and missed a big field trip I'd been looking forward to. She actually came by our house and visited me after the field trip!  I think it was so great of her to go that extra mile and visit one of her kids on her own time just to make me feel a little better.

I also had a first grade teacher at Heber Hunt that was a favorite.  Her name was Mrs Mason.  She picked me to be in the class play where I was portraying a mom who was devastated over her son's injuries from a burning accident.  I wasn't a good crier.  On the VHS tape years later, all you see is me picking my overalls out of my underwear.

So tell me all about your favorite teachers, and tell me your story of why you loved them.  Or, if you're feeling spry you can tell me about the teachers your kids have and why the kids love them!

Educationally yours,

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