For me personally I'm not one that would purchase a Super Bowl ticket. Even though I'm a huge fan of the NFL and especially the Kansas City Chiefs, I don't think I could justify spending the kind of money that most tickets are going for.

I was watching a news program last week and they said the lowest going rate at the time was around $7,000. I know it would be an experience of a lifetime but come on...$7k?!?! I'm sure I could find better things to do with that kind of moola!

When I lived in Kansas City I had a friend that was a well-established chiropractor. From as long as I can remember he would buy two tickets to the big game when they were made available. Now he wouldn't go to game. He would book a long weekend trip to the Super Bowl city and he would find someone that would want to buy his two tickets. Of course he knew how to get around the "scalping" aspect of selling the tickets. He would, of course, sell them for a higher price and with this extra money it would pay for his trip.

Looking at the current prices of the 2021 Super Bowl, I'm now seeing prices up closer to $8,000, and reports are saying the prices could jump even higher as this year's big game is the highest get-in price ever.

There's only 22,000 tickets available due to COVID-19 and 7,500 of those are going to health care workers so this may push tickets prices even higher.

So I guess I'll just settle for my couch, my TV, in my house to watch the game this Sunday.

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