Kids, I'm sure that you and I have had some varied jobs in the past.  I know that I've held some that had nothing to do with any of my skills, just to pay the bills. 

I've been a laundromat clerk, a library clerk,  home health aide, and yes, for about two days in my teenage years, I worked in a fast food joint.  I've heard tales over the years about different training videos people have had to watch.  I think when I worked at a not-to-be-named megastore that rhymes with Call Bart, I watched about 20.  But none of them were as entertaining as this one I saw a couple of years ago.

I never knew just how entertaining a training video could be.  I never worked at that restaurant, so I missed out, definitely.  I still get that song stuck in my head sometimes, and to be honest, it makes me want a little chili.

So my question to you is: did you have to watch a training video or read a booklet or something before you started your job? Was it helpful, or was it just a waste of time?   Tell me all about it!

Chili can be served with cheese,