How many of you have already finished your Christmas shopping? How many of you have at least one of these things under the tree this year?

A t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hat with a Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Royals, or St. Louis Cardinals logo (or maybe a Mizzou or St. Louis Blues logo).

Missouri Lottery Scratchers tickets.

Spare parts from a toy that had the message "some assembly required" printed on the box. "Some assembly" really meant that it took most of the night to put together.

Mason jars full of homemade goodies, like jams and jellies, pickles or apple butter.

A kind of generic gift - decorative plates, candles or oven mitts - that you paid too much for out a neighborhood school kid's catalog. But it was for a good cause.

Long underwear. Maybe not the most glamorous Christmas present ever, but it gets cold around here! And Midwesterners are practical people.

DVDs. Popular because just about everybody likes some kind of movie or TV show. DVD/Blu-ray sales have decreased quite a bit in recent years because of streaming services, but you can't really wrap up Netflix and put it under the tree, can you?

Some sort of gadget or toy that requires batteries...and of course there are no batteries in the house (and every place you would go to get batteries is closed).

A gift certificate. Not gift cards (although there are plenty of those, too), but gift certificates. Most of us end up taking the lazy way out some of those on our shopping lists. And there's usually at least one place that still issues old-fashioned gift certificates.

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