Driving around the State Fair City you may see a lot of people doing things when they're cruising that will drive you nuts! I've decided to offer my insight to some of these (my opinion) unsuitable driving practices.

1. It's raining or snowing. You drive a vehicle that doesn't have automatic lights, i.e., self-regulating lights on vehicles that came about around 1990 or later that come on during overcast conditions and/or at dark. Nothing worse than not being able to see a vehicle coming up on you without headlights in adverse weather conditions. So turn on your lights so we can see you! 

2. Turn signals are put on your vehicle for a reason. If you would try using them you would probably learn to like them! At least those of us following you would definitely like you more! Use your turn signals!

3. Whether it's at a stop light or traveling down the road, trying to get close enough to read every bumper sticker on the rear bumper of the car in front of you doesn't warrant you to follow by a few feet. If I remember my driver's training book, when driving you are supposed to leave a length of two-seconds between vehicles, and at the stop light give your self enough space to see the rear tires in front of you. Quit riding my bumper! 

4. Note---After posting this story, we received comments concerning the practice of the #4 statement. I retract the statement I made concerning using of the turn lane to merge into traffic and do not advise to do so. (Beau Matthews)

5. And finally...this isn't the Indianapolis 500. Slow down. You're only going to get there a few seconds faster if at all by going 5-10 miles per over the speed limit. Quit speeding and please wear your seatbelts!

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