The most common question that I have heard in the last few weeks isn't about my bracket picks, but instead, "Who will replace the Bruce In the Morning Show on Better Country KIX 105?"

First off, I have to say, I wish him well. We may have had our good times and bad over the last six and a half years, but I hope you were all entertained in a multiple of ways. Whether it be great laughs, good groans or even the proverbial "Why did he do that on the air?"

A morning show host is probably the hardest position to fill. My Digital Sales Manager Mike Jenkins and I have been together for 13 years, and we have calculated that this will be our seventh morning host. For the sake of nostalgia, see if you can name them.......

We had Byron Johnson (B.J.), Derek Wolf (The Big Bad Wolf), myself for a short spell (Doug E. Dawg), Jennifer Seitz (Jennifer Frances), Mike Jenkins (Ray the Janitor), Kenny Treece (The Treecerman), Bruce Enrietto (Bruce In The Morning), and who is next?

I will be doing the mornings for a short bit until we find the proper fit. We have some great potential candidates and look forward to meeting them. However, over the years we have provided one thing: country.

We will continue to bring you the best in the country, whether it be when you listen in the morning, midday, afternoons with Behka, evenings with Taste of Country Nights or through the overnight.

What would you like to see in our next morning host?  I can promise you that the next host shall do his or her best to entertain you, get you going in the morning and have some fun.

As always, thanks for listening and hope you continue to listen to Better Country, KIX 105.

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