Halloween is this week, and nothing says Halloween like a good horror movie. I'm a fan of the "Slasher Flick" in particular. 'Friday the 13th,' 'Halloween,' and 'Scream' are all good ones.  I was wondering, what would it be like if all of the DJs here at the radio station were in a horror movie?

Let us know what you would think in the questions below, but in case you don't knowall of us, here's a quick recap of who everyone is.

  • Rob is in his early 20s, has a long term girlfriend, just moved from Michigan, and likes to party.
  • Kaleb is also in his early 20s, is a former high school and college quarterback, and I think he's a bit of a "player," as they say on the streets.
  • Doug is in his mid 30s, is the news director here at the station, and is married with two kids.
  • Behka is also in her 30s, and is into Nintendo, comedy and pop culture. She watches "The Big Bang Theory."
  • Mike (Ray the Janitor) is in his 50s, is the boss here, was in the military, has been divorced several times and is currently married with two kids.
  • Huntin' Harry is around 50, owns a lot of guns and a big truck, and hunts and fishes a lot.
  • Jack Miller is in his 70s, was in the Navy, loves sports, has grandchildren and is a news reporter.

So who would do what in several horror movie scenarios? Let us know what you think in our poll below!