Ok...sometimes you can get a burger and fries and the fries just don't do it for you. Where can you go to get the best ones in the area?

How do you like your fries? Cottage style, Curly-Q'ed, Crinkle Cut or just plain out of the fryer? I've had fries at many locations around Sedalia. Some good, some not so good and some...hmmm!

Whether it's running through your favorite fast food joint and grabbing an order to go or sitting down and taking the time to enjoy your fries, who do you think has the best?

If it's curly fries, for me, the greasier the better. I grew up with three different drive-ins in my hometown and all three offered them. To me an order of Suzie Q's, is hard to beat.

As far as sitting down in restaurants in the area, I like the seasoned ones. Make sure they're a little crispy and please serve them hot! Nothing worse than your fries coming out luke warm!

Now that I've got your mouth watering, will you pass the ketchup, please?

Golden French fries potatoes ready to be eaten
Chen Ping-hung


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