We use it to help get our morning up and going. Some rely on it heavily and others drink it occasionally. Who has the best cup of Joe in the area?

We drink it with sugar, we put in creamers, flavors and whatever else it takes to make it pallatable. Believe it or not, some even drink it black! I know...weird, huh?

We'll make it at home...fresh ground, instant, with a packet, a scoop and a pod. We take it on the road in our to-go cups, and we drive thru various locations for our morning cup of go-go juice to help us function early in the am.

Some of us even have the time to go to a local establishment and sit down with a steaming cup of the caffeine and caffeine-free beverage. (By the way...I'm looking forward to those days!) Not a care in the world but our cup of coffee to help us start off the day.

So where do you go to get your favorite cup every day?

Pavel Timofeyev

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