Those of you who enjoy Taco Bell probably already know that not that long ago they brought back the Mexican Pizza.  It came back as a limited release in May, and now it should be back on the menu permanently.  Our Sedalia location has it, and I think you can get a free one through their app.

It looks like the company is trying to catch another nostalgia wave, and this time you can make your voice heard.  You will get to decide which item will be brought back.  Yes, you will be asked to vote.  Your first choice:

Double Decker Taco

attachment-Double Decker Taco

This taco made its debut in 1995.  You get a combination of the crunchy or soft taco shells.  It has refried beans in between the two shells, and of course however you like your taco to be filled.  What is option number two?

The Enchirito


How many of you remember this item? It first hit the menu in 1970, and was pulled in 2013.  Think of this as an enchilada/burrito combination.  It is usually filled with beef, beans, and onions.  Then it is covered in sauce.

Now for the record, you need to be a rewards member to vote.  That is free to join.  You will then get one vote per day until Oct 6th.  The results will be announced on Friday Oct 7th.

The company released this little video as a promotion for the voting.  You can see it in the Tweet below.

I probably will vote for the Double Decker one myself.  You can read a bit more info on this promotion HERE.  Which one if either will get your vote?

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