We all have our phobias. The little things that set us off. The question is hard to decide. Which one gives you the heebie-jeebies?


They're all God's creatures. Having said that, each have types that can kill you.

As far as snakes go, I think being killed by a venomous snake is more painful, but the worst would being squeezed to death by a constrictor.

Imagine being young and camping out. You awake and find two snakes curled up in your sleeping bag. For most that would be a terrifying experience.

For others it's a spider, the size of a quarter, but it can cause the ultimate fear in both young and old. Just seeing one crawl across the ceiling can send people screaming into the next room.

Whether you have an abnormal fear of snakes (Ophiophobia) or  the fear of spiders (Arachnophobia), I think you can feel a little easy knowing you're not the only that has these common fears. 

BTW...Only 0.1 percent of the 35,000 different kinds of spiders in the world are poisonous. Does that make you feel any better?


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