Most of us remember where we were and what we were doing when significant events took place. See if you can remember where and what with these events in history.

These are recollections of events that come to mind when I think back. They will probably be different for you.

The first one that comes to mind in my lifetime was November 22, 1963. The day that John F. Kennedy was assasinated. I was five years old and was playing at a friends house. His older sister came out the back door and was crying, spilling out between sobs that the president had been shot.

The next one would be at the end of the summer after my senior year in high school, August 16, 1977. Elvis Presley died. I was working at my first radio station in Butler, MO.

I then fast forward to December 8, 1980. I was stationed at Whiteman AFB and living in the first house I had bought in Sedalia. A news report flashed on the televison that John Lennon was dead.

The last significant historical event that comes to mind is the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger. I was driving to Tulsa for an awards recognition ceremony at Met Life. I was employed as a new agent at the time. I was on I-44 when I heard the interruption on the radio and the report of the explosion.

I imagine I could sit down and think of other events that has happened in my lifetime but those four are the most vivid in my mind.

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