It's that time of the cones and barrels dot the roadways. It's Summer road construction season. Where does the city and/or county need to fill some of the craters on local streets?

According to a press release from the City of Sedalia, a major street resurfacing project that began in northeast Sedalia in late May, is expected to be completed by September. 

That will help with some of the problems in that section of the city but what about the rest of our city streets? And what about some of the roads leading in and out of Sedalia?

One of the worst feelings when you're driving is when you are heading down the road and all of a sudden you have a crevice the size of the Grand Canyon ready to swallow one of your tires. And why does it seem like it happens every time, right after you've spent a small fortune to have your front end aligned?

The Sedalia Street Department and Pettis County Road Crew do their best to fill those pesky potholes, but unfortunately sometimes they can't keep up.

Are there some craters lurking out there that need to be filled?

Road work ahead sign against asphalt road


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