Have you gone on vacation yet this summer? What are some of the destinations you've always wanted to visit? Cheapflights.com has put together a "when to buy, when to fly" list for travelers to help vacationers get the best deals on their trips.

If you've ever wanted to go to Iceland to see the northern lights, the best deals are in January, according to Cheapflights' list. October is a great time to get a deal to Hawaii. My niece really wants to visit Brazil. August to mid-September is reportedly the best time to get a deal there.

The full "when to buy, when to fly" list features 15 of the world's most popular destinations, including the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, and even Machu Picchu (which of course we all know from watching way too much Ancient Aliens).

I like to travel. I'd be for visiting just about every destination listed. Of course, to do that I would have to take advantage of every discount available.

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