At some point in most of our lives either we had our parents do this or someone you know had parents that accidentally drove off and left their child behind. It might've been at a fair, a family get-together, or church, but most likely you've got a story you could share. We received some of those stories from our KIX 105.7 Facebook page.

I cannot for the life of me remember a time when my parents left me behind anywhere. I'm sure they thought about it once or twice but I don't ever remember it happening to me. Now my cousin? I think they left her behind on two different occasions. One was at our family reunion that's held annually in Appleton City, Missouri, and the other was when they had a fair/carnival in the same town on a different date. Both times she was returned with no harm done to her physically or mentally. (Except when we get together and we laugh about those two times!)

We threw out the question on the KIX 105.7 Facebook page, "Ever been left, or you left your kid behind somewhere? (By accident...of course!)"

Here's a few of the responses we received:

Josh-Kathy G. - One of my siblings was left at church. No one realized it until the pastor drove him home. We were sitting down to eat lunch and someone said, “Did we invite the pastor over for lunch?” Nope….he was just bringing one of our clan home.

Samantha Higgins R. - My parents left me at church. The pastor had to call them. In their defense, I was number seven out of eight children. It’s ok. Therapy helps.

Elizabeth M.- When I was like 10 I fell asleep under my bed. I woke up it was night time and j was home alone. It didn't really bother me except that my parents were supposed to be home, they normally would tell me they were leaving and they never left at night. After a bit the telephone rang and it was my dad wanting to know where I'd been. They had the whole town and the police looking for me because they couldn't find me. I told them I was asleep under my bed but my dad insisted he looked there and I wasn't. I got grounded for it and no one believed me.

We had a few more listed but I thought I would let you see what a few had been through in their childhood.

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