This week, I did something that has become a necessity. I am attempting to clean and organize our rooms in the back of the house. I'm sure many of you can relate with spring and fall cleanings. It's funny how whenever you clean a house, you come across some long lost antiques or a cherished memory, or something broken you felt you could fix, or even something you'd rather just forget. I have to admit, the cleaning part has not been real fun, but it has to get done. I do like the organizing and finding things a lot more. I think the discovery that has given me the most chuckles is front the photo that you see here.

In radio, I give a lot of tours to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Youth Groups and others. Most of the kids that tour are less than ten. In our production studio, we keep some old radio equipment to show how audio production and radio has evolved. Most are amazed that most of the music is on the computer drive and isn't a wall of sound. I get the most questions about the little boxes with audio tape in it, otherwise known as the cassette tape. It seems I have hit the black and white TV moment.

I used to crank up my tapes real loud, wait for each side to finish, so you could flip it and go to the other. I thought it was revolutionary when the auto flip came around. As you can tell by my photo, I had quite the love for Queen, and one of my other favorites was Rob Halford's band "Fight". You probably knew him better with the band Judas Priest. Fight were short lived, but I loved the hard stuff at that point in my life.

The scary, scary find in there was my first recording from Brent Foster's Audio I class. Maybe on a rainy day, I'll post the audio here, but it got me thinking: when is the last time you even played a cassette tape? What was the band, group or artist?

Share your cassette tape memories and maybe we'll be brave and play some of the music you rocked out too.