At what point do the leaves win? As I sit looking out my family room window, I see more dead leaves that have accumulated over the past weeks. I spent time out in the yard during the fall raking and bagging at least 20 plus bags of leaves. Now as I look outside, I'm wondering how many more times will I have to go out and round up more of the little crispy critters.

I visited this subject in the fall of 2020 as I was wrangling my first round of the fallen leaves. I then talked about somehow the number of leaves that had accumulated in my yard in my second round of cleanup had mostly travelled from the neighbor's trees. You could tell one in particular because of the size of the leaves. If you've ever had a Sycamore tree on your property and you had to deal with their fallen leaves, you know what I'm talking about.

I've been seeing more leaves making camp in my yard in the past 4-5 weeks, and the funny thing is, probably 80-90% of those leaves aren't from my trees. So I'm wondering, should I bag up the leaves and drop them off in my neighbors' yard and let them deal with disposal of them or should I just take care of them myself and send a bill for "Services Rendered"?

I guess I'll just go out and start the process all over again. Rake them, bag them up, throw them in the back of the truck and haul them off to the drop-off site. Sometimes you just can't win!

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