When it comes to the holidays, many of us have favorite treats that we look for during the holiday season. What mouth-watering goody do you look forward to this time of year?

When my mom was alive she would inevitably give me a call every year about this time telling me it's time to get her candy orange slices and peanut clusters. Those were her favorites this time of year.

Myself, I have to go back to my younger years when some of my aunts would make divinity and fudge. Maybe it was because I was just a kid and stuff always tastes better when you're younger, but I don't think I've had anything since those days that compares.

Nowdays, I always have a craving for hard candy. I remember having a dish around the house filled with Christmas candy. Something about it brings back memories of Christmas past.

There's also nothing like a candy cane this time of year. Especially if you're outside on a cold winter day. Something about those holiday favorites that make everything better.

What's your favorite?

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