You're all loaded in the family vehicle and off for a destination of summer fun. You might want to make sure you don't include this location plus a few others if you want your vacay to be on the fun side.

In an article from Far and Wide, the most boring tourist traps in each state are listed. Needless to say, some are ones that you've heard of most likely your whole life...some are not. Some are free (yet you wonder why you bothered) and some do have a fee. (and you then again wonder why you paid the money in the first place!)

Included in the listings are such treats as Lucy the Elephant in New Jersey. Lucy isn't a real elephant, she's made of concrete and you can go inside the critter. (Whoop Whoop).

You could head to Massachusetts to see the Plumbing Museum. (Insert plumber's joke)

In Missouri, the claim-to-fame is the World's Largest Fork. It's located in Springfield. (Supposedly it's not really the largest 'cuz there's one that's five feet larger in Colorado)

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