It looks like Autumn has decided to fall into our laps full force! The temperature difference from Saturday to Sunday was about 35 degrees.

So with Fall now officially underway, we often wonder what will be in store for us during the upcoming winter. Well, we had a chance to check in with the Farmer's Almanac. All I can say is I hope you like the cold and snow!

Looking at the map on the Farmer's Almanac page, it shows Missouri in a band of states that will have cold temperatures and above normal amounts of snow.

Now it's been awhile since we've had 'above normal amounts of snow.' In fact, we've been pretty lucky in the Sedalia area the last few years concerning the amount of snow received.

According to, the average snowfall for Sedalia is fairly minimal compared to a lot of areas across the country. In fact, I was surprised at the low monthly average numbers.

In December, the average monthly snowfall for Sedalia is three inches. It only jumps to four inches in January and drops back to an average of three inches in February.

Now for many, those numbers are something to enjoy, but for the lovers of the white stuff it's disappointing. Compare these numbers to Kansas City and you'll find we're down a couple of inches. Compared to St. Louis, Sedalia is more than a few steps behind. For the three months of December, January, and February 2010-2019, has accumulation to The Gateway to the West at an average of 14 inches of snow.

We'll just have to wait and see but for now, enjoy Fall 2020!

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