What I did on my summer vacation. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I'm sure some of you did something. Pandemic be dammed. The line of cars on South 65 through town on Friday illustrated that nicely.

But the Creighton's. We passed. I'm not quite sure what summer 2020 would have had in store for us, but I did have plans. Plans that got scuttled and haven't yet been put back on the calendar.

For example. Royals games. I at the very least wanted to roll into Kansas City and see the Royals play this season. It's been too long since I spent an afternoon, or an evening, at the K. Complete with an overpriced beer and a couple of hot dogs. I probably would have picked up a new Royals hat too.

A getaway weekend to Kansas City definitely was high on the list. Kathy wanted us to do that over Thanksgiving last year. I didn't really think it was in the budget, especially on a holiday weekend. So I put the kibosh on that. It's a choice I regret.

My friends and I from back home were in the process of figuring out when we could do our next boys night out when all the quarantines hit. We have trouble figuring that out in good times. So when Tom abruptly decided we should wait for the pandemic to subside to get together for our tavern pizza and Old Style it seemed like a good decision.

That lead to an ill conceived plan that when Vegas reopened we'd get cheap airline flights, share a hotel room, and spend 36 to 48 hours in Sin City. Truly though, I thought that was probably just talk.

David was the first to cave saying he wanted his own hotel room. Which I totally get. I love these guys. But I'm not sure I wan't to do Vegas in 48 hours with any of them. Especially if I had to share a hotel room with them.

Anyway Vegas reopened, Tom became the first to beg off the trip idea. And I don't think we spoke of it again.

A visit with Mom. A visit with my Mom probably would have happened around when we scheduled our boys night out. If I go to Chicago by myself or with the dog, I usually just crash on Mom's couch. Heck, I'd like to think I would have gone home to visit my Mom two or three times during the pandemic. Warrensburg to Chicago isn't an easy drive, especially for a long weekend. But it's not impossible.

And that's part of why for at least one of those trips I was hoping to take a full week off, head to Chicago, and spend time not only with the boys. But friends and family. Who knows, maybe Kathy would have come with and we would have made it more of a family vacation. Visited our favorite pizza place and diner. Visited with other friends. And of course family.

But no. None of that happened. Nothing else on my bucket list happened either. Like a Cards game in St. Louis with some buddies. A Cubs game in Chicago. Knocking a few restaurants off our "we've got to try that place" list Kathy keeps. A concert at the Missouri State Fair. Maybe heading into Kansas City to see a show or two. A train ride into the City for the purpose of taking a train ride. Cocktails after work with a few friends.

No. My summer consisted of watching "Cagney and Lacy", binge watching all six seasons of "Bosch", catching the GoGo's documentary, and being frustrated by the Royals and Cubs.

Some of you pandemic be dammed people are probably snickering at me thinking I'm a sucker for pretty much hanging around the house all summer. That's OK though. You do you and I'll do me. I can still get an overpriced beer at the K next summer. The tavern pizza and beer will taste better when all this is over. And yes, if Kathy wants to go to Kansas City this Thanksgiving, we'll do it if it's safe. Budget be dammed.

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